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Community/Free Public Talks:

Dr. Chorney frequently presents to parents in the community locally within the HRM and surrounding area. These talks are typically free of charge and provided to help increase and promote mental health awareness and give parents the ability to learn more about what evidence-based treatment is, especially relating to anxiety in children.

A limited number of these talks are provided yearly, so please provide as much notice as possible to ensure dates are available. As a general rule, schools are encouraged to group together within the same area/neighborhood and jointly invite parents to these talks to ensure as many parents/staff as possible have the ability to attend.

Paid Workshops/Presentations/Professional Development Seminars:

Other talks are given at professional development days for school staff, or half/full day workshops to other treatment professionals. Currently the following talks/presentations/workshops are available:

  • Child/Teen/Adult Anxiety - assessment, types of anxiety disorders, and treatment(s) available
  • School Refusal - helping school staff/administrators understand why school refusal occurs and how to help
  • Child/Adult Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) - diagnosis and treatment (exposure with response prevention)
  • Selective Mutism - recognition/assessment and helping schools create a treatment plan for helping
  • Blood/Injection/Injury Phobia (“needle phobia”) - creating a graduated hierarchy and overcoming avoidance
  • Stress Management/Acceptance (for adults, teachers/staff/administrators of the International Baccalaureate program or similar)
  • Preschool / Early Childhood Anxiety - identification and behavioural treatment of anxiety in very young children

Talks on other topics may be possible, and traveling to locations outside of Halifax is typically not a problem. Dr. Chorney regularly presents across the Maritime provinces and has also been invited to present in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Chicago. He is always excited to return to Vancouver or BC but yet to present there (not so subtle hint!). Existing fees for talks/presentations exist but are negotiable.

If you would like to know more about setting up a presentation or workshop with Dr. Chorney please contact Dr. Chorney directly at drchorney@gmail.com or by calling (902) 444-1160 (extension 2).

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