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Dr. Daniel Chorney & Associates is an evidence-based private psychology practice located conveniently in the centre of Halifax, Nova Scotia. All of our psychologists have specialized training in providing services to children and adolescents with a variety of mental health concerns or problematic behaviors. We also provide a number of services to adults and families.

We offer assessment and psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, and adults with a speciality in assessing and treating anxiety and mood disorders across most of the lifespan. Every psychologist at Chorney & Associates practices cognitive-behavioral therapy, an approach that utilizes research and evidence as its guiding principle in how mental health concerns are assessed and treated. This means you will be treated with the most current and supported approach within the mental health field, in an environment that is also respectful and aware of each individual's specific needs and helps you move forward with what is important in your life.

Evening appointments are currently offered on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Weekend appointments are also available with some treatment providers. Please keep in mind these appointment times can be the most difficult to book as they are the most popular - when possible, we ask that your initial appointment be booked during regular hours and follow-ups (if required) are booked in evening times.

Spring/Summer 2017 News

Summer Hours:
Our office will be closed to all appointments August 5th through 13th for construction. As a number of our psychologists also take some time off during the summer, please ensure you have booked your appointments in advance to ensure you obtain a time that works for you and your family.

Professional Workshops:
If you are interested in scheduling Dr. Chorney for a Professional Development lecture or workshop, please email him directly or
click here to learn more. Workshops outside of Nova Scotia or Canada are always considered, so please do not hesitate to contact directly via email.


New Referrals:
As our practice continues to grow and referral numbers increase, we remain dedicated to seeing individuals and families as quickly as possible. The majority of referrals are reviewed by Dr. Chorney to determine who at the practice may be the best fit for the referral, taking into consideration both skill-set and competency of our psychologists and the concerns or requirements of the referral. If one of our psychologists is not able to help, we try to connect you with another practice/psychologist who may be able to help.

A few things to remember when calling in the first time:

  • You do not need a physician/GP referral to make an appointment with us, however, you may need this for your insurance plan to get reimbursed. Please check in with your private insurance provider (e.g., Blue Cross, Manulife, etc) to see what is needed and see our Fees page for questions to ask.
  • Please ensure you have a sense of your own upcoming availability for the next few weeks when you call in.
  • If you are having any trouble connecting with our booking assistant, sometimes the easiest way is to contact via email. Her email address is dcahalifax@gmail.com

Online Booking: We have been solely using online booking to make and/or change appointments since 2014. Any previous or existing client who would like to use this service should email the psychologist they have seen in the past in order to be registered in our database (which allows you to use the service).

Please include
1) your name, 2) phone number, and 3) preferred email you intend to log in with in the email you send requesting access to online booking. All of our emails can be found on the "Contacts" page. If you are having trouble logging in to use our online booking system, please check the "Forms" page for detailed instructions on how to log in.

New Referrals - please use the "Self-Referral" page of this website or leave a voicemail on our intake line (option #1 when you call our phone number).

who we are
Chorney & Associates is a group of registered clinical psychologists practicing in the center of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
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Telephone: (902) 444-1160
Email: drchorney@gmail.com
Fax: (902) 444-3210
Web: chorneyandassociates.com
what we do
Each clinician at Chorney & Associates specializes in a number of areas, ranging from preschool-aged children to adults.